Big Savings and Earth Friendly Tips for Memorial Weekend!

by Katy Green

Can you believe it...another holiday is near and aside from barbecuing and grilling everything in sight, dashing to the supermarket to stock up on every side dish and condiment available and eating up gas in your car like your getting it for free...take a deep breath and "think green" for a moment.

No worries, don't stress yourself, I created a earth friendly checklist to save you green, use less gas and precycle or upcycle...the first two tips are today...visit us daily for more ways to save green and the plan over the next several days. This is a departure from my normal blog article style, I usually write every few days because I share and care with caution and purpose.

ShoptobeGreen Top 10 Earth Friendly Memorial Day Savings Checklist:

Two green tips today, visit us daily for more tips or subscribe to our feed.

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  1. Gas is one of the most searched keywords on the net and no wonder it costs a fortune to visit Aunt Franny.Use the following to assist you in this gas debacle: 

    • Carpool, uggh to some and heaven to others - put aside your angst for one weekend and catch a ride with your friends, family or distant cousins to save gas. Here are couple links to help: - site for sharing gas and company. Find potential matches for your destination or try
    • Work for a big company, email your coworkers and find out if you are going to the same event 
    • Send out a mass email to your close friends and family on Facebook to share in the fun and save gas.
    • Must drive! for the cheapest gas but if you have to drive more than 5 minutes away it might not be worth it: or

2.          No need to shop till you drop, enjoy the wonders of barbecue without breaking the bank!

    • Invite friends and family to convene at your abode and contribute to the feast think of it as a potluck Memorial bash.
Food Swap meet in Brooklyn, NY
    • Food swap ...what is that? Well, I am sure if you went through your kitchen cabinet you will find many items untouched instead of discarding or expiring take your untouched treasures and swap them for other food items. You can host one at your house or visit this site:
    • Think of multiple ways to create amazing healthy dishes by using a few items; for example if you like avocados - create a main dish, entree or appetizer with avocados instead of using it for one dish.
    • Also, buy what is in season like fresh strawberries or watermelon and check out the markets online and print out coupons in advance:
    •  Print coupons from sites that are already researched thanks to (don't waste your time signing up for sites that will clog your email box). I like the best because her site is not saturated with ad overkill and it is easy to navigate.
Organic Barbecue

BONUS: Crystal Paine, creator of has painstakingly created a coupon database so you don't have to drive yourself bananas locating coupons and she offers great tips, its amazing she only spent $35 a week on groceries.

I did the same thing when I was unemployed seven years ago, those were lean times but it is possible and you learn from that experience. I did!

Well, thanks for reading, please spread the information to your friends, sharing is caring and visit shoptobegreen daily for our ShoptobeGreen Top 10 Earth Friendly Memorial Day Savings Checklist.

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