Happy HALF YEAR Cruz!

I can't believe it's true, but our little Cruz Man is SIX months old!  It's amazing to me to think that one year ago, I was filling an Easter basket for a baby-in-waiting, and you could hardly tell I was pregnant, and now, one year later, we are raising a healthy, happy baby boy.  Life is incredible that way.  

Once again, Cruz had a big month.  So many milestones, it seems like every day he is doing something different.  With the new realization that there is a great big world beyond his secure little home, Cruz has had lots to explore.  He's definitely interested in everything, from his new foods, to his toys, to his cat, and our faces, and it seems that the wheels in his little head are always turning...  

The biggest milestone this month would probably have to be this...

Cruz can sit!  He took to the whole sitting thing pretty quickly, and morphed from 'supported sitter' to 'sitter' in what seems like a couple of days.  He's sturdy and steady, which has made playtime especially fun now that we can face him.  He's stacked blocks, knocked down towers, typed on his laptop, and nuzzled noses with his family of stuffed animals.  He sits upright in his stroller, loves sitting in his high chair, and even sat like a 
'big boy,' in a high chair at Famous Daves. 

Another big milestone this month was the discovery of two perfect little teeth!  A couple weekends ago, we thought Cruz had caught another cold.  He ran a little fever all weekend, slept more than usual, and we couldn't keep his nose dry.  He seemed better Monday morning, so we brought him to day care.  By the time I picked him up for the day, he had two little pearly stubs sticking out of his gums!  

Cruz's favorite time of the day is supper.  About 5:30 every night, I put him in his high chair and fasten a bib around his neck.  He immediately gets excited, swinging his arms up and down, kicking his feet, and squealing up a storm.  By the time I sit down with his food, his eyes light up and he opens his mouth, just waiting for the first bite.  This time together has become one of my favorite times of day.  

What started with an ounce of carrots a day, has morphed into three-ounce portions of apples and pears, sweet potatoes, parsnips, broccoli, squash, avocado, and bananas.  Other than the broccoli, which Cruz was a little skeptical of, he's loved it all.  His favorites were the pears, bananas, and butternut squash.  This week, we move onto peas, and although the bright green frozen ice cubes look pretty, I wonder if Cruz will feel the same about them.  Stay tuned to find out!

Cruz's favorite toy has to be his jumper.  Not only did he figure out how to make the toys 'work,' but he's become quite the pro at jumping.  He's crazy, and sometimes he gets going so fast, he surprises himself.  It's adorable to watch his little feet go, and something about his moves remind me of Elvis.  He's got the hip-sway down to a science!  

Another cool trick Cruz acquired this month involves the word, 'no.'  I'm not quite sure where he picked it up, but he loves shaking his head back and forth, especially when we say, 'nooooooo.'  The more you do it, the more Cruz follows.  It's hilarious now; however, we're in for a treat when we decide that 'no' needs to be taken a bit more seriously!

I can't wait for our next doctor's appointment to see how much our little pudge has grown.  He feels so heavy to me!  He's about outgrown his whale tub, and has definitely outgrown his cute little hooded towels!  He can still wear most of his 3-6 month clothes, but it won't be long before we pack that away too!  He loves his bottles, loves his morning cereal, and loves his veggies and fruit!

Lots of 'firsts' to mark off Cruz's milestone list this month.  Last weekend, he had his first non-family babysitter.  Jennifer, one of Cruz's daycare 'girlfriends,' stayed with him while we had a night out.  The night must have went over well, as it seems their little relationship has only gotten closer since then! 

Although Cruz is starting to look more and more like his mommy every day, I think he acquired his dad's charm and wit.  He's laid back and content, and quite the little flirt.  I think he has the daycare girls wrapped around his chubby finger, and he was causing quite the stir at US Cellular the other day.  He's got the eyebrow raise and the shy, half-smile down to a science.

What else does Cruz love this month???

...His dad, especially when he carries him on his shoulders!  Cruz thinks he's king of the world up there!

...well, most of the time :)

...his mom.  He thinks I'm funny and likes to give me kisses.  Most of all, he likes pulling my hair.  Hard.    

...Baseball.  He usually isn't too into the TV, but when baseball is on, he's all about it! 

...The TV remote.  We call this his Grandpa Curt pose...

...his bed.  It's definitely a favorite spot Cruz's.  He loves to play in it while I pick up his room, and lately, has started pulling himself up by the crib rail.  It won't be long and we'll be lowering it!

...Sophie, the giraffe.  For all you momma-to-bes out there, this is the toy to buy.  

...Ron Sock-o

It's been another wild and crazy month, but oh-so-fun.  Cruz's smile has become the meaning of happiness to Beau and I, and we are having so much fun with him.