One to grow on ...plant paper?

Living green can be easy if you incorporate things slowly. 

No need to be dramatic about ...keep it simple and your environmental conscious will become second nature.

It's easy to ignite your earth friendly habits by making a couple changes like using a ceramic mug daily instead of Styrofoam or paper cup, using household items in multiple ways, or writing notes, invitations, promoting your business or your "to do" list on plant paper instead of regular paper.

Think before you buy the next notepad and purchase seed paper instead.

Grow A Note

If you are wondering, how do they do that? According to Green Field Paper, each note is a custom blended wildflower mixture to produce Grow A Note® plantable handmade paper. Some notes are made of catnip and miniature sunflowers and some are made of a variety of custom infusions like forget-me-nots, spruce tree, lettuce, grasses and vegetables....sounds like a mixed salad at a raw bar but it's better than that because it's natural.

Once you are done with the note, you can grow it. How does one do that? 

Each card is generously embedded with a special mixture of wildflower seeds that will grow just about anywhere.  The back of each card is printed with easy planting instructions, and the paper will recycle naturally into the soil as the seedlings grow!   Simply, plant them in the soil and watch your paper grow.

Greenfield Paper Picture (2 weeks in soil)

Shoptobegreen is proud to carry Green Field Paper products and we love the fact they truly care about our planet.