Happiness is...

... a weekend at home.  A weekend with no plans other than catching up, making a mess, and cleaning it up again.  A weekend with Cruz and his dad.

...Happiness is a Friday afternoon post parent-teacher conferences.  An early pickup, a happy baby boy, and an overdue request for Size 3 diapers :)

...Happiness is a Thai Chicken Pizza at Doey Joey's.  The sweet and spicy peanut sauce reminds me of one of the first 'cool' meals Beau and I cooked together in our hilariously bad kitchen at 'the duplex.'  Thai chicken, marinated in a sesame peanut sauce, sprinkled with cilantro, and wrapped in crispy lettuce leaves.  They were amazing, even though they took us two hours to make.  We tried them a couple summers later.  They took half the time, and tasted half as good.  Skills and expectations...skills and expectations...

...Happiness is 'Cruz at PLAY.'  He is an explorer and a discoverer.  We spent a large portion of Saturday morning unpacking toys I had purchased for him and 'put away' for just the right day.  He was mesmerized by the blocks, but still sees everything as a teething device.  

...Happiness is a 'sitter.'  Still not too fond of the falling over thing, so we surround him with soft objects like pillows, blankets, and Ron Sockos.  He can sit for pretty long periods of time before falling like a Jenga puzzle.  You never know which way he's gonna go, but it's similar to the last second shot in a basketball game in the fact that it seems to occur in slow motion.  

...Happiness is a home-cooked meal.  Chicken roll-ups, my favorite green beans with basil and cherry tomatoes, and some good ol' Stove Top.  Happiness is eating our dinner to the tunes of 'Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes,' thanks to Cruz's jumper.  We don't even notice the sounds as we inhale the food in front of us :)

...Happiness is reusable grocery bags.   I'm a fan.

...Happiness is the best baby toy on the planet.  There's a reason this, and Sophie the Giraffe are on Amazon Baby's Bestseller List.  This toy gets us through tired baby diaper changes and the Nose Frida snot sucker experiences. 

...Happiness is devouring a bag of Whopper Robin Eggs.  I have a love/hate relationship with all that is Easter candy.

...Happiness is sweet baby feet that blend together with plush baby blue like cookies and cream.

...and a kitty who timidly wants in on the Sunday afternoon action (or is just vying for a spot in the sun).

...Happiness is a baby in bibs.  A baby who is working on those teeth as if it was his job.  Before I had kids, I always said I would never be a mom who let her children run around with snotty noses...

...then I had kids :). 

...Happiness is watching Michael Scott's proposal to Holly on The Office.  Either motherhood has made me more emotional, or that was a tear-jerker!  Definitely one of my top five best TV moments...ever.

...Happiness is this...

...and this...

...Happiness is a Sunday morning in pajamas, a Sunday afternoon in pajamas, and a Sunday night in pajamas.  

Have a good week :)