I've Got the Blues (and I Love it).

Blue, for now, is the most common color that I have in the inks and pens I own. It is one of the few colors that I can use in a professional setting, and I often select a variation of blue depending on my mood. I will be doing reviews of some of these pens/ink individually, but I wanted to get this posting up to show how great these colors are. 

One surprising finding was that the Uniball Vision Elite Blue-Black was remarkably close to the Pilot Iroshizuku Tsuki-yo. The Uniball even had similar shading, which is far less common in rollerballs. Some of blues look way different than I expect them to when they are compared side by side. 

For brighter blues, the Waterman South Sea Blue and the Pentel Slicci .7 Sky Blue are really fantastic.
For darker blues, I love the Sharpie Pen Grip Blue, the Pilot Blue (Pilot Varsity), and the Private Reserve American Blue.

I was not as big a fan of the Zebra Sarasa 1.0 Shiny Blue or the Uniball Jetstream Light Blue (I prefer the regular Jetstream Blue). The Noodler's Blue-Black was also quite similar to Iroshizuku Tsuki-yo and the Uniball Vision Blue-Black. 

So, what are your favorite blues?