Charmed Whirlygig Quiltalong Fabric Needs

Thank you to Jacque for posting on the flickr page the fabric requirements when my internet connection was being wonky.  
Here is what she posted:
***'s what you need to make a whirlygig quilt...
2 charm packs. Yes, two. Of the same fabric collection. Two charms makes one whirlygig. If your charm pack has 42 charms, you'll finish with 42 whirlygigs...for a 6 x 7 square layout.
You'll also need about 1.5 yards of background fabric. 
You'll need more fabric for the borders (if desired), backing, and binding.****

Here is my fabric just waiting to be cut into....I am so excited about using the "Bliss" fabric. 
I have a yard of the blue  for my border and 1/2 of a yard of the red for the binding.  I always say this quilt is a "cheap but cheerful" one to make. :-)
Looking forward to seeing you on the 6th of February,