Eco Floral and Fauna - Green Weddings

by Katy Green
Flower Pot Centerpiece

As I mentioned in What is a Green Wedding, you can do your part for the environment by changing one item in your wedding. Every bride to be is passionate about the flowers used in her wedding - according to the Bridal Association of America, the average floral budget is $700 which includes: bridal and groom party bouquets and boutonnieres, centerpiece flowers at the reception and ceremony decor.

Is it possible to have a beautiful Eco friendly flora and fauna wedding and help the environment without exceeding budget? Yes. green floral alternatives are great keepsakes.

Did You Know: The methods used to grow non organic flowers is dangerous to the environment? The toxic pesticides that are used on flowers seep into the soil, water, and into the air you breathe.
Jo Barnes Vintage Bouquets
  • Instead of a bouquet of flowers use a vintage jewelry bouquet. It is an elegant organic alternative and you can keep it after the wedding. There are many DIY guides on the web.
  • As an alternative for table centerpieces use potted plants and then give them away at the end of the reception as gifts to your guests.
  • If you must have flowers - pesticide free is the way to go. Try organic flowers from  Organic Bouquet - one of the first and largest online sustainably grown and certified organic or VeriFlora  and they support local farmers.
If you can do one thing to help the environment you are making a positive difference in the future of our planet. Stay tuned for more in Green Weddings.