The Woes of Internet

So. My Internet situation while on Christmas vacation has been rather precarious. To say the least. At my parents house they get Internet.

 Or rather, they can pick up the neighbor's Internet.
The only thing is you have to be in the living room.
Sitting on the couch.
On the middle cushion.
Yes, that's right.

Needless to say, I had a difficult impossible time updating my blog. If I were a good organized blogger, I would have scheduled posts for vacation time, but hell, I packed the day we left for Christmas. I'm clearly not the blog scheduling type. :) But that's okay. I'm sure you guys were all having a great time with family and uninterested with blog updates.

So, Christmas. Mine was great. In fact, I'm writing this post on my new ipad while wearing a new sweater and yoga pants. Basically perfect. I hope you guys all had a stellar Christmas.

Also, FYI, I'm chopping my hair off tomorrow. Almost all of it. Rest assured that I will post before and after pictures. I'm terrified and excited. And if anybody knows how to upload pictures from an iPad to blogger, I would love some tips. I can't get mine to work. :(