Floral and Zooey

I have been having a really hard time posting on my blog. I'm not even really sure why. I just have been wordless lately. Which is okay. I'm sure I'll get my words back soon. Hopefully. 

The other day I was bored. And I had been watching Army Wives, because it's my new favorite show and may just possibly be the best show in the entire world minus grey's anatomy and gossip girl of course but it's still a pretty great show and do you see what I mean about my words? Geez. Run on sentence, much? So I liked Denise's bangs. About ten minutes before we were leaving for a church function, I grabbed my sewing scissors and cut bangs. Why? I don't know. The only explanation I could come up with is that I'm bipolar, because on 90210, Silver quit taking her bipolar medication and then did crazy things with her hair. Chase said that's unrealistic. I said that he needs to watch more tv so he can learn from it like I do. But whoever's right, I now have bangs. I kind of like them. 

Also, not to gossip, but has anybody gotten emails from Kohls about putting links on their blog? They emailed me and said they saw one of my blog posts where I wore some jeggings from Kohls. They said they were concerned with Kohls being fairly represented online and noticed that I hadn't embedded a link to the jeans. I told them to ef off. I'm totes kidding. I just deleted their email. I hate it when people tell me what to do or expect me to advertise for them. So I think Kohls will be the new store that I love to hate. I'll keep shopping there because they give out awesome coupons, but the email seemed a little over-zealous at the least. Whatevs.


This. This is why I don't make natural faces in pictures. They always turn out like somebody
pointed a bright light in my face and I'm surprised about something. Cheesy smiling it is. 

Outfit Details:

Gray shirt -- Goodwill $3
Tank -- Salvation Army $.66
Jeans -- Kohls $8 (Awesome!)
Boots -- Target (gift from my brother)

Total Cost: $11.66