Can I read your palm leaf?

by Katy Green

Palm Leaf Bowl

Palm leaf bowls and plates are a divine more paper plates (check out Shoptobegreen No More Paper Cup Campaign) and their existence is to help stop carbon waste and landfills.

Shoptobegreen ...stop the paper waste fact: According to TIME magazine, "Americans trash an estimated trillion disposable plates and utensils every year." This fact has driven new, eco-friendlier options into the marketplace.

The palm leaf bowls that Shoptobegreen carries are made only of fallen palm leaves, steam, heat and pressure is the pure, all-natural choice for party-ready dinnerware. Palm leaf bowls naturally biodegrades in fewer than 2 months after disposal (that is fast compared to the  5 - 20 years for paper to recycle depending on climate - moist is better than dry for paper cups to biodegrade).

The palm leaf plates are BPI-certified 100% compostable and of fallen leaves an agricultural waste product most often burned. No heat transference and maintains shape when in contact with hot substances.
You can microwave the palm leaf bowls and palm leaf  up to 2 minutes on high and oven safe for up to 45 minutes at 350 degrees.

Disposable Plates
Palm Leaf History
Palm leaflets are one of the oldest and cheapest materials used for writing. Palm leaf manuscripts have been a popular written media for over a thousand years in Southeast Asia.  Palm leaves were used for recording the history, knowledge and local wisdoms such as medical treatments, Buddhist doctrine, astrology and the story of dynasties.
Source: Palm Leaf Manuscript