What about Justice?

"Another essential mark of faithful Christian politicians will be that they emphasize seeking justice for others at least as much, if not more, than demanding the rights of Christians…. Christian politicians deeply shaped by the Scriptures will be a powerful voice for the poor and forgotten. They will be the voice of the voiceless. They will even be a voice for unpopular minorities — for example, Muslims, in a nation where the vast majority claim to be Christians. That kind of unselfish servanthood should be the normal hallmark of all Christian political engagement."

I found a website called The Daily Asterisk that has some great quotes that make you pause and think. I love this quote. I really do feel like justice is one aspect of Christianity that often gets ignored. I know I've said this before, but when Christians reduce politics down to abortion and gay marriage, they really do a disservice to themselves and everybody else. Justice for the oppressed is mentioned over and over and over again in the Bible, so if we value Scripture as much as we claim, why is it ignored? 

I really think one of my gifts or passions or whatever is justice. I used to think that I was just an unnecessarily mean person and I needed to be nice to everybody. But then I realized that it's okay to get angry. It's okay to get mad about things that happen in the world. And it's okay that I want to argue with people when they say ignorant offensive things. 

I'm not really sure how spiritual gifts work or if I believe in them all the way, but one of our Texas friends jokingly told me that my spiritual gift was righteous anger. I like that. I will not be the nurturing person who loves babies or the kind sensitive person who cares about people's feelings, but I will fight for people. And I think it is absolute crap that laws and constitutional amendments are being used to take away rights rather than to give rights. 

And this video is funny and ridiculously hilarious. But don't watch it if the phrase "bitch slap" offends you.