Tweed, Jeggings, and Getting Caught Taking Pictures

Okay, here's what happens every time we take outfit pictures. I peek outside and make sure none of our neighbors are outside, Chase grabs the camera, we run outside and take pictures as fast as we can, and run back inside, hoping that nobody spotted us. For some reason I feel really vain and awkward having my husband take almost daily pictures of me in full view of the neighbors. 

The day we took these, we got two pictures taken, and then a neighbor man a few doors down walked on the porch to smoke. I caught Chase's attention and whispered "abort, abort!" and we walked quickly inside and avoided eye contact. 

Ha, we're so lame. So you get two outside pictures, and one inside picture today. :)
I'm not sure what I was looking at here. Probably trying not to fall over. Haha, just kidding.
I'm such an expert at walking in these shoes. You wouldn't even believe it. 

Outfit Details:

Boots -- Target $15
Shirt -- H&M $5
Belt -- Salvation Army $1
Jeggings -- Kohls (gift)
Coat -- Salvation Army $4.06

Total Cost: $25.06