The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

On Mondays I'm going to start linking up with Kate at Classy Living. I'm not a huge fan of link ups, but this one actually is really cool. And Kate's a really cool person in real life. It just seems like a good match. :)

The Good: My sister has an awesome lifestyle blog, but she had to make it private because of some privacy issues. So since I adore blog design stuff, I made her a new blog at a different address, which will hopefully stop the problem. Her kids are freaking adorable, so you guys should check it out (unless you're a psychobitch, in which case please don't.)

The Bad: Thanksgiving Dinner was delish. But I guess I'm not used to eating so much rich food, because I spent all night and the next day sick. Fun. It was worth it, though. 

The Ugly: I love love love dancing, so on Thanksgiving afternoon, we played Just Dance. However, my love for dancing cannot erase the fact that I'm not so bueno at it. I was glad the only people watching were kids! By the way, this game is so much fun!
Now, all of you guys should write your own GBU and link up with Kate!

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