Sweater Dress and Vest

I'm not positive to what degree I like this outfit. I loved it when I wore it, but now I'm mediumly okay with it. Isn't it weird how pictures give you such a different perspective? One thing of which I'm certain, though, is that I love this vest. I wear it so often. I'm glad I didn't rip it up with my Halloween costume

This sweater, though, is seriously the best! I've probably worn it over thirty times since I bought it several years back. Not even kidding. Which means I'm at about twelve cents per wear. Not bad. 

Outfit Details:

Sweater Dress -- Gap via Goodwill $4.50
Vest -- Salvation Army $2.06
Flats -- Salvation Army $.96
Fossil Watch -- Twice is Nice Resale $5
Pearls -- Body Central $4

Total Cost: $16.52