Striped Skirt Refashion

This new skirt has been my favorite refashion lately. I bought that striped shirt at Salvation Army a few months ago, and it ended up being an awkward fit. It was a little bit too short and not fitted enough. So, rather than re-donating it, I decided it would actually make a nice skirt. I made a striped skirt out of old t-shirts a few months ago, and this one was pretty similar. The striped shirt would have been way too tight as a skirt, so I cut up a blue dress that was too small.  
  1. Cut the shirt below the armpits, then cut the side seams off, so all the sides are straight lines.
  2. Cut two equal lengths of blue fabric.
  3. Match them up, making sure the hems at the bottom are even. If you match up the original hems, you won't have to hem the bottom edge. Win.
  4. Sew the four pieces together. 
  5. Hem the top unfinished edge.
  6. The waist of the skirt needs to be more narrow, so it will you know, stay up. I turned the skirt inside out, and on each of the four seams, I tapered in as I got closer to the waist. Since it's jersey material, it doesn't need a zipper or anything. The skirt will naturally stretch and fit, as long as it's a little bit tapered up.


And that's seriously it. I think it took me around twenty minutes from start to finish. And it was made with clothes that would have been going to the thrift store. It's a little short to wear without tights, but since it's autumn, it's perfect.