Pollack, Joan Mitchell, and Wine

At work, everybody who works there is super cool. As in, I not only enjoy working with them, but I would be friends with them outside of work. And since I'm a recent Illinois transplant, my friend cue hasn't been filled up yet. So all the girls from the coffee shop decided we need to have a girls night (and we didn't invite Tom). We had heard about the painting places where everybody paints a canvas in an art studio, but the cost for that was around $35. Which seems way too expensive on a coffee shop salary. :) 

Instead, I borrowed a lot of artist books from the library, and bought some paint and canvasses from Blick, and we made our own art studio at my apartment. We ended up having so much fun discussing life, the universe, and everything as we painted and drank wine. 
Here are two of the paintings...
And some more
Here's my painting. I was definitely inspired by Joan Mitchell's paintings. She's amazing. 
I hung it up on our gallery wall. I love saying that... Gallery Wall. It makes me feel so sophisticated. 
We had such a fun time painting and hanging out. I think we're going to have at least once a month girls night and do something different each time. Next time we're going to crochet and watch a movie. I'm so happy to be finding other people, the same age and with similar interests, that I can be friends with. I super like everybody in Chase's grad cohort, but it's nice hanging out with people who are in the same stage of life as I am. 

So basically, if you need ideas for a fun and cheap hang out time, buy a pack of canvasses and some acrylic paint, drink some wine, and have a painting party. By the way, I think the wine definitely helped everybody's inner abstract artist emerge.