Tights, Shorts, and a Dead Spider


Here's copycat number two. Clearly, I love the shorts and tights look, so this was a fun copycat. :) I didn't have a long pink sweater, so I supplemented with a long blue sweater instead. Same thing, right? I would totally rock that sweater if I had it though. I'm going to start looking at Salvation Army for a copy of it.

Also, let me share with you the reason I'm trying not to hyperventilate right now. This morning I got dressed, and before Chase left for class he took my pictures. I came inside, uploaded them to the computer and started looking through to decide which ones to upload. I noticed that there was a spot on my shorts, which was weird, because I haven't even worn these shorts for awhile. I sent the picture to PicMonkey so I could edit the spot out. As I zoomed in on it, I noticed that the spot had legs. Oh my freaking gosh. There was a huge shriveled up (hopefully dead) spider that was on my shorts. I guess when I touched the window it got on me somehow. I jumped out of the computer chair to check my shorts, but they were clean. So somehow between the time we took pictures and the time I uploaded them, a dead spider got on my shorts and off again without me noticing. I'm sitting here and keep imagining the spider is crawling on my somewhere.

Just breathe, MB, just breathe. Btdubs, the "blemish fix" tool on Picmonkey works wonders for editing dead spiders off of your tan shorts. Perfect.


In other news, something I've decided to do is wear my copycat outfits all day. Usually I take a cute picture than change into skinny jeans and a sweatshirt or something similar. But what's the point of trying to get better at fashion is you don't wear it out of the house? So I'm challenging myself to actually wear the outfits I post.


Outfit Details:

Tights -- WalMart $5
Shorts -- S.A. $1
Shirt -- S.A. $2
Sweater -- S.A. $1.56
Heels -- Resale shop $6

Total Cost: $15.56

Here's a photo of the vanishingdeadspider that I didn't edit.
Can you see it?? Can you? It's on my right leg. I think I'm going to go throw up now.