Thrifting Sisters

Today my sister Becky, and her five kids came and visited us for the day. We had so much fun! They got to our apartment, or "compartment" as Patrick calls it, around 6:45 this morning. We watched Netflix For Kids (greatest. invention. evah. for kids, at least) while waiting for everybody to wake up fully.
Becky and I talked and hung out...
Around nine, all of the girls went thrifting and to McDonalds. Fun!
Chase kept the Calvin, Patrick, and Nicholas, and they went to the park, played volleyball, dodgeball, ran in the tunnel at the train station, played basketball, made pizza, did dishes, played wii, played with the cat, and cleaned the house. I have to say, my husband is a keeper. Which I clearly already knew, because I married him, duh. The kids loved loved hanging out with Chase and told him how he was their "favorite uncle." Which is probably what they tell everybody to their face. Lol. 
Poor Nick... worn out after a long day.
It was such a fun time! I'm really glad to have family living close, since all of Chase's and my family live in Texas. Becky lives about two hours away, which is close enough to meet up every few weeks, and I'm so glad. Life is interesting sometimes... Becky and I went through times of our lives where we barely talked and didn't enjoy each other's company at all, but thank God we moved on from that time and and now we adore each other. At least I adore her... I've never actually had that conversation with her yet. Haha. I'm so thankful for her. And her kids. Nicholas draws or paints me a picture every week at AWANA and brings them to me when we see each other and tell me how I'm his favorite. I melt.