The Parts Make up the Whole

All right. Here's my first copycat outfit post for my 31 Days of CopyCats.

I was really really happy when I found this outfit on Pinterest, because I love stripes and tights and boots. Perfect outfit. Also, I decided to get stuff done this morning before work rather than waiting until I got home and was tired. So I took the outfit pictures by myself. Which didn't turn out awesome, but you know what? That's part of the learning experience. 

My brother informed me that I need to practice some natural looking faces instead of the same smile all the time. So this was my attempt to have a normal expression on my face and photograph it. I think I need some more practice.

Also, if anybody has any outfit suggestions I would love if you would post a link in the comments. I looked through Pinterest for over an hour last night and found nine different outfits. Which means I still need 21 more ideas. So please, link up!

Outfit Details:

Shirt/Dress -- H&M $7ish (I bought it in Spain for 5 euros, so I can't remember what that translates to)
Tights -- WalMart $5
Boots -- Goodwill $6
Sweater -- Handmedown
Feather earrings -- Sally's $1

Total Cost: $19