Stripes and Green Eyes

IMG_967610 black stripes skirt
This is an attempted copy of the picture. I didn't have a white skirt, but made do with what I did have--which is what style is all about, right? I forgot to wear my new (and awesome) nerd glasses, which would have matched the picture. Oh well.

Okay, fun story: I was at the grocery store buying groceries. Duh. I bought some beer, and the lady suspiciously asked for my drivers license. Which is good, because I look at least five years younger than I actually am. 
I handed it to her and she examined it for a long minute, looking from me to my picture and back again. She finally typed in my date of birth and handed it back, then said: "Your eyes are blue, not green." (My DL says green) 
I smiled sweetly and told her that sometimes they change colors, but they're actually green.
She shook her head, "nuhuh, I've seen a lot of eyes and I can tell which ones change colors. Yours don't change. Now mine, see, they don't actually change colors, but they switch from dark brown to light brown to hazel, but I don't think yours change colors." 
I just smiled and inwardly rolled my eyes. Is it rude to roll your eyes in your heart? 


Outfit Details:

Cardigan -- Old Navy via Goodwill $3
Tank top -- S.A. $.66
Striped top -- S.A. $1.56
Skirt -- PacSun $5 (See?? Sometimes I buy things brand new!)
Tights -- WalMart $4
Flats -- S.A. $.99

Total Cost: $15.21