Polka Dots are the New Stripes

So... I was thrilled to put my newly refashioned polka dot skirt into an outfit. But I strangely had a difficult time making something to wear. Since the skirt was loose and flowy, I figured I should balance it out with a not-loose top. But all my tank-tops are either red or black for some reason, both of which would look awful with navy, in my opinion. After way too much time staring at my closet, I decided on a Target v-neck. You seriously can't go wrong with Target v-necks. I own four of these shirts. 

Also, all of these pictures were taken by yours truly, which is why they lack the high caliber quality they have when Chase takes them. :) 

I have a story. I've mentioned before that I'm taking a class at Wheaton. Our last assignment was to write a 350 word This I Believe paper that described our fundamental belief about humanity. It was a surprisingly difficult assignment, but I enjoyed writing it, because for some reason I've been blessed (cursed?) with an over-abundance of words. The paper ended up being really personal, and I wrote about stuff I've never talked about with anybody (except Chase, of course). I was ridiculously nervous sharing that much emotion with a room full of strangers, but it was so freeing. 

One of my favorite bloggers, Elizabeth Esther, writes about how freeing it is to be honest with your past, with your problems, and with your emotions--even (especially!) the negative ones. I love her. And she inspired me to be more open about things that I would rather ignore and pretend never happened. 

Sorry if that was overly enigmatic. I'm still riding the high of baring my soul when I so rarely show deep emotions with people other than my husband. 

Plus, I made a 100 on it. That's seriously the icing on the cake. Except I hate cake. Maybe that's the peanut butter on the spoon. I love peanut butter. 
Polka Dot Maxi Skirt
Polka Dots
Trying to run into the frame on a 2-second timer is surprisingly difficult.
Either two seconds is shorter than I thought or I'm slower than I thought. 

Outfit Details:

Skirt -- Salvation Army $.66
Sandals -- Payless $4
Shirt -- Target free with giftcard
Belt -- Free

Total Cost: $4.66