Orange Sherbet and Stripes

This is my normal brain. ----------- This is my brain on stripes.
Clearly I am helpless when confronted with stripes in my closet. Which is why once again, I'm wearing stripes. :) I found this outfit idea through my sweet blogger friend, Helen. Her blog is so fun and creative, so you guys should check it out!
IMG_970013 stripes skirt green sweater

I was going to wear my green sweater again, but it was quite baggy and it made me look like I was playing dress up. Which was not quite the look I was trying to achieve. You should all be so proud of me, because I was not feeling the photos today, but I took them anyway! So if you're thinking: why in the world would she take pictures with messy hair, that's why. Also I hate fakeness, so you get to see me in all my messy sleepy glory.
Outfit Details:

Skirt -- Free from my sister
Sweater -- Goodwill $3
Striped shirt -- H&M $7
Sandals -- Steve Madden $20something
Necklace -- S.A. $1

Total Cost: $31