Blue, Black, and Sucking it up

Jeez. I've been seriously sucking at this posteverydayinoctober thing. Sorry, guys. I wish I had some wonderful excuse, like I won a trip to have lunch with Hillary Clinton or something grandiose like that, but sadly I just didn't feel like dressing cute. Next time I'm feeling lazy I'm going to find a picture of somebody wearing sweats and post it. Then technically I would still be copy-catting.

Here's my picture inspiration.
And here's my baby. Isn't she cute?? I think she's getting slightly chubby, so she might need to start a diet soon. Sad day for Harper.
Our first mother daughter fight... I'm trying to love her and she just wants to play. Haha. I'm just kidding.  

We've had tons of fights before. 

Outfit Details:

Sweater dress -- Goodwill $4.50
Blazer -- Salvation Army $.66 (DIY)
Sandals -- Steve Madden $25

Total Cost: $31ish

Oh. Emm. Gee. I almost forgot to post this. But through my blog I met Kate, who lives twenty minutes from my house. Twenty. Minutes. We had lunch (or brunch) and shopped and talked and laughed. It was so much fun. This is actually my second blogger date. Crazy, right? I haven't been axed yet, so I guess most of the people who read my blog are normal. :) I told my mom the other day that I've been internet friend dating, and she said, "what??
What about you guys? Have you made any real-life friends through your online world?