Blah to Awesome Nightstand

Once upon a time, I was taking the trash out and found a beautiful nightstand sitting dejectedly beside the dumpster. Our 300 square foot apartment unfortunately didn't have space for it, but my sister recently moved to Indiana, so I dragged the nightstand inside for her. The nightstand wasn't bad looking, but it looked liked it belonged in an old person's house. And since it was going to go in my nine-year-old nephew's room, I decided to repaint it. 
IMG_1877 (2)
I took everything apart, sanded it down, and used the same two paint colors that I used on this bookshelf. The drawer pulls were horrible looking, so I went to Home Depot and bought the same drawer pulls that we used on our giant turquoise dresser thing.

It started to look great! But I wanted to add something else to give it more visual interest, so I used this silver spray paint and painted only the top. It ended up making the top have a really smooth finish, almost like it was varnished. It was awesome!
Here's the finish on the top!