Tuesday Date Night

I had today off work, so I spent the day rearranging my clothes. We don't have enough drawers to have all of our clothes accessible at the same time, so I brought all of my winter clothes down from the closet and put up a ton of t-shirts and shorts. Also I watched approximately six episodes of 90210 while I cleaned and organized. It was a really nice day. Chase was at school for almost the entire day, so we he got home at 7:00, he decided we should go on a spontaneous date night.

It was so fun! Here's what I wore:

Here's pictures of my ridiculously attractive husband. :) Aren't his shoes cool? We found them at Salvation Army for somewhere around two dollars. They're like a much classier version of toms.

I decided I'm a fan of Tuesday date nights. But only every once in awhile.

We went to Macaroni Grill for dinner, and then walked around Target for awhile. I love Macaroni Grill because they cover the tables with white paper and give you crayons, so you can entertain yourself during the meal. We played tic-tac-toe, dots, and discussed politics on the tablecloth. Perfect.

Outfit Details:

Shirt -- Salvation Army $.96
Tank Top -- Salvation Army $.66
Jeans -- American Eagle via Salvation Army $4.99 (here)
Heels -- Thrift shop $2
Purse -- Dooney & Bourke via Salvation Army $8 (here)
Necklace -- Gift

Total: $16.61