Tailgate Saturday

A few pictures from our UNI/Iowa tailgate last Saturday.  You couldn't have asked for a more perfect football day, other than the fact that I wished I would have thought to pack a tube of sunscreen!  We were feeling the heat in the stands, and so were the Iowa Hawkeyes, who came out to play hard in fear they would lose to the Panthers after already taking a hit by the Cyclones on their home turf last weekend.  UNI scored big within the first minute of the game, but soon fell short to the Hawks.  

We had a super fun day with Rob and Jillian, and met up with Jason and Danielle at their friend, Grant's tailgate, conveniently located about 20 yards from the stadium entrance.  As the day went on, this became a popular spot for some new and familiar faces...

Why do I always have several pictures like this on my camera after spending a day with Heiney? 

Look who made his way over to hang out with his big sister!

Our day did not end with the 4th quarter buzzer at Kinnick Stadium on Saturday afternoon.  No, it turns out, the fun was just beginning.  Stay tuned for some exciting news about two of our favorite lovebirds ;)