Shorts to Skirt Attempt

Sometimes sewing projects go great. Like here and here. And then other times it turns out like this. I bought this pair of shorts at Salvation Army because I love the color and fabric. However, they started out as very too big, so rather than simply take them in, I decided to make them into a skirt. 

I cut the middle seam apart and re-sewed it. However, it turned out way. too. small. :( Boo.

Too small, slightly asymmetrical, but maybe I'll wear it with tights this fall. We'll see. Or maybe I'll just cut it up and make it into something else. That's a lot more likely, actually. So basically, the lesson I have for you today is this: You win some, you lose some. But you should always keep sewing. Hopefully eventually I'll win more than I lose. :D