Pink Skirt & Boots CopyCat

Today in Chicago is mid-70's and rainy. Which is perfect for wearing boots! I found this picture on Pinterest (of course) and loved the simple look. 
I showed Chase the picture and he said, "oh, I like the color blocking." 
My mouth dropped open and I said, "you know what color-blocking is?" 
He gave me a look and said, "Of course I do. I listen to you when you talk."
He's definitely a keeper. :) 

I love these brown boots! I found them at the Goodwill store in Texas for six dollars and wore them constantly last fall and winter, and I'm sure I'll get just as much use out of them for the next few years. They are kind of beat up looking, but I think it only adds to the charm. 

 Last year when I was teaching high school, a lot of my students would ask me where I bought my shirt, or shoes, or whatever. Almost without fail I would tell them they were from Goodwill. Several of the girls wrinkled their nose and said, "you buy used clothes? Isn't that really gross?" But I assured them it was awesome and it's where all the cool kids were shopping these days. The first time I wore these boots to school, they asked me where I bought them, and I told them I paid six dollars for them at Goodwill. Their eyes widened and one girl said, "I'm going to Goodwill today!" I honestly think that was one of my proudest moments.

Oh also, did you notice I now have bangs? I have been growing my bangs out since last summer, and then one day I had an epiphany: Even though I semi-don't like my bangs, I think I look a lot better with bangs, so I found a tutorial online and cut them myself. :) It was super easy, and I actually like them.

Outfit Details:

Shirt -- Goodwill $3
Skirt -- Banana Republic via Goodwill $3
Belt -- Goodwill $1
Boots -- Goodwill $6

Total Cost: $13