Blogging Sunday 6--Circle Images

Today's topic: Circle shaped images.

I tried to make my images into a circle shape for weeks, but couldn't figure out how, then one day I was messing with my pictures on PicMonkey and I found it! All of the buttons on my sidebar were square-shaped--which was okay, but not great. I really, really wanted circle shaped buttons and I finally have them! Here's how you do it.

The circles

Step One: Upload your image to PicMonkey
You will need to crop your picture to a square. It doesn't matter how many pixels large your picture is as long as it's a perfect square. I usually just type in the number I want on the left hand side rather than try to drag the crop tool into a perfect square shape.

Step Two: Select the Frames Tool

Step Three: Click on the Rounded Corners Frame
 After that you'll change the corner radius by dragging the circle as far as it will go to the right, and it should make all of the corners rounded off. 

Step Four: Click "Transparent Corners"

Step Five: Save Picture

Isn't that easy? I thought I would have to use photoshop to turn my images into circles, so I was thrilled to discover this. Also, just for a point of reference, all of the buttons on my blog are 200x200 images that were made into circles. So you might need to resize the images smaller before you crop them if you want to make them into blog buttons or whatever.