this weekend, we...

...welcomed friday night with garden-fresh caprese salad on the deck, a glass of vino, and the sounds of the first football game echoing in our back yard. an extra books before bed.

...ran around the house saturday morning in blanket capes and underwear (well, two of us did, and i'm not revealing the other party)

...had breakfast at the farmer's market.  breakfast burritos, rasta lemonade, mini cookies, and a golden delicious apple for cruz in the park.  i love that my son prefers his apples with the skin on.

...bought a guitar.  i'm not sure who is more excited, beau or cruz.  beau is dead-set on teaching himself, and i have dreams of front porch singing and dancing.

...had milk and cookies (or dough) for an afternoon 'nack.'

...finally finished two boxes of cereal that have been in our pantry forever - project pantry is in full force :)
...drank wine during dinner prep, lit a pumpkin spice candle, and listened to mumford and sons while the rain poured outside.  i felt fall in my bones.

...splashed in puddles in a pirate rain coat (thanks gabe and gina).

...had microwaved popcorn for a bedtime snack.

...celebrated 50 years of our amazing church.

...put cruz to sleep in the swing in our backyard.

...discovered grilled zucchini and Beau's mom's kabob marinade is a fantastic combination.

...bought cruz a potty chair.  he thinks it's a sweet chair, but doesn't seem to understand the 'potty' part quite yet.  if only it were that easy...

We had a quiet, cozy weekend at home this weekend, welcomed by a relaxing morning in the park at the farmer's market, the start of a new hobby for beau, and an afternoon and evening of rain showers, candles at dinner, and a bowl of popcorn before bed.  Weekends like this are my favorite, the ones that give us time to delve into the simple routines of our live and make them extra special with easy details of comfort and home - a glass of wine and candle at dinner, soft light in cruz's room before bed, and a technology-free night and bowl of popcorn for beau and i.  Simple things that make all the difference, it seems.