This Picture

Yes. Yes, I just went there.

Don't even lie and tell me that you don't think it's hilarious.

In other news, bloggers who comment and say, "follow me and I'll follow you back?" kind of (okay, majorly) piss me off. I have worked incredibly hard on my blog and on building actual relationships with other bloggers in order to increase my readership. (I also can't believe that readership is a word...) So the fact that bloggers with crappy blogs try to gain hundreds of followers by sending out generic "follow me" messages irritates me. I mean, I freaking learned HTML code so I could make my blog look original and professional. You know when you're driving in bumper-to-bumper traffic and there's that one car that drives really fast in the Exit Only lane? And then that car tries to cut his sneaky little car in front of all the cars that drove according to the law? That's how those follow-me-bloggers are.

I get it. I've been really discouraged about not having as many blog followers as other people and have even considered posting a link to facebook because I know people would click on it. But then I mentally slap myself in the face and remind myself that I blog so I can freely express the feelings and opinions that I have without risking insanely huge arguments with the conservative facebook friends I have. It's a break from real life where I can be completely honest/rude/blunt.

That's why I blog.

So if making money and amassing followers is your thing? We probably don't have much in common, so maybe you could go ahead and delete your "Follow me I always follow back" comment from my blog.