Ten Minute Skirt Outfit

 Okay, here's my embarrassing fact of the day: I have really, really weird elbows. I never realized they were weird until somebody kindly pointed out how strange and disgusting they were. Way to make a junior high kid feel cool, right? It wasn't actually as traumatic as all of that. I think they're actually kind of cool now.
When I was teaching last year, I made a deal with one of my classes that I would show them my elbows if they would be perfect angels for the next week. So I did my human pretzel trick where I link my hands behind my back and twist them over my head to the front and they were horrified and in awe and actually kept up their end of the bargain.

On to the clothes. This skirt used to be a halter top dress, but I was kind of over the dress part. So a few minutes before we left for church, I cut off the top, folded the hem over, and sewed it into a skirt. I love it now!

I TOLD you I have weird elbows. I have to consciously straighten them in pictures.

Here's the attempted normal.

Outfit Details:

White tank -- Forever 21 via Salvation Army $1.50
Yellow tank -- Hand-me-down from my sister-in-law
Skirt -- DIY (dress was from Belk for $2)
Belt -- Salvation Army $.23
Gold Sandals (not pictured) -- WalMart from five years ago $10, maybe?

Total Cost: $13.73