Of Tupperware and Converse

Let me preface this post by saying that I love tupperware. I really, really love it. I always keep an eye out for tupperware canisters at thrift shops, and I've found quite a few containers. Unfortunately, I could never find any matching cups. I hate glass cups. Like a lot. Every time a cup breaks I have a mini-celebration, because I know we're closer to buying non-glass cups. But yesterday, I was browsing through the dishes section at Goodwill, looking for some water bottles, and came across these beauties.
Cost: $0.99 x 6

They had SIX original matching tupperware glasses. I was so happy I wanted to jump up and down. But I didn't. But I was happy. So happy that I wanted to jump. They cost $.99 each, which I was happy to pay.

My next find was an Ann Taylor Loft wool coat. The Salvation Army here has an amazing selection of winter coats, which apparently we'll need in Chicago. The coat is tan wool and right above my knees. I need to take it in a decent amount and hem up the bottom a few inches, but for the price, I'm happy to put some work into it.
Cost: $6.06 (They seriously have weird numbered price tags at Salvation Army)

 My last exciting find is a pair of converse shoes. They were in the kids section, but every once in awhile, having child sized feet works out. This was one of those times. I think these shoes are so fun and comfortable, and I like the pattern.

Cost: $.99
So, those are (some of) my big thrift store treasures. What have you found lately from thrifting?

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