Lace and Crystal Hairpieces

As I mentioned earlier, I'm making hairpieces for my sister's wedding. I made the headband for the flower girl, and made a hairpiece for Ruth, the bride, but I kind of hated it. I couldn't figure out why exactly, but it looked off for some reason. This afternoon when we were emptying out our suitcases to pack for the wedding, I found a sheer white curtain that we had used in our last apartment. 

What did I do? I cut apart the other hairpiece and made this one. I'm in love. It was stupid cheap and easy to make. 

-- I traced and cut circles out of the sheer curtain. (Walmart brand) 
-- Then I lit a candle and burned the edges of the circles. I'm actually not kidding. It makes a really nice, flower petal-y shape. 
-- I stacked up the petals on top of each other and wanted to add some dimension. So I cut two petals out of lace and layered them in with the sheer petals.
-- Next, I sewed the petals together with two or three stitches and sewed the button on the top. The crystal piece is a two dollar button from WalMart. 
-- I glued a piece of felt onto an alligator clip and a piece of felt onto the back of the flower, then glued the two felts to each other.

Make sure not to get the circles IN the flame or it will turn the edges black. 

I made two smaller versions with pearls for the two maid-of-honor sisters to wear. Fun!
Oh, also I have another story. Yesterday I was sitting at the computer doing something riveting like checking my facebook when Harper, our cat, started making the weirdest sound. She squeaked. It sounded like those little baby toys you squeeze and they make a high-pitched squeaking sound. I just stared at her for a minute, trying to figure out if that was actually our cat making that sound or if somehow something else had invaded our house. Then Chase said, "she's choking!" We ran over there and I grabbed her and pumped on her stomach. Yes, I seriously did the Heimlich Maneuver on our cat. I guess that Safety and First Aid class in college actually paid off. Chase brought her a bowl of water while I continued Heimliching her, and after a few minutes she made normal cat sounds, like Meow.

It was scary.