Black Blazer Nude Pumps CopyCat

I really liked today's original CopyCat picture. I am definitely a classic person. I would wear solid colors all of the time, preferably in the shades of black, green, blue, and white. Not even kidding.

When I was about twelve, almost all of my closet consisted of solid black shirts, and my favorite shirt in the entire world was a black express shirt with a yellow X. I had not one, but two of these exact shirts that I found at a thrift store and a garage sale. Since then, I have tried to branch out, but I always go back to black, white, and green.

All I can say is that I'm thankful to God that adolescence does not last forever.
Also, that's Haley, my best friend in the world.

Which brings me back to the outfit. Black blazer, white tank, skinnies, and nude heels is perfect for me!

Letting my humanity shine through with an awkward face. Just for you!

I'm an angel!

Just kidding... the camera was on the wrong setting...

Outfit Details:

Blazer -- Express via Salvation Army $3.99
Tank -- Forever 21 via Salvation Army $1.50
Jeans -- Goodwill $4
Heels -- Goodwill $4

Total Cost: $13.49

Um, I probably could have bought just the tank top brand new for that price. Have I mentioned I love thrifting?