our weekend in verbs...

...refinished an old nightstand and painted in minty green for Cruz's new room

...went back to my roots with a German-inspired dinner on the deck--- grilled beer brats and kraut, hot German potato salad, and a pint (or two) 

...chased the sunset at George Wyth State Park

...wiped snotty noses and nursed scratches with boo-boo bunnies

...listened to the fireworks from our deck with a game of cribbage and some Beau and Ashley conversation

...called Accelerated Therapy when I wasn't looking.  I don't think they were open on yesterday, but Cruz's chatter and expression begs otherwise ;)

...roasted s'mores via the Big Green Egg, aka, the best roasted marshmallow in less than 10 seconds' time

...discovered that God does indeed have a sense of humor

...played outside

...had smoked ribs for lunch...washed down with a root beer float...

...chased Cruz around the new splash pad in Waterloo.  'Around' is the key word as he avoided the icy cold water by running in circles around its perimeter.  

...watched Cruz lay like a vegetable in our bed after the splash pad.  I laid him down to change him out of his swimmers and he didn't move! 

...enjoyed a grilled pizza night.  We mixed our own dough, cooked our own sauce, and raided our pantry and garden for yummy toppings.  We may have made one huge mess in our kitchen, but happily devoured our pizzas and pretended we owned a brick oven pizzeria in Tuscany (with a big green egg, of course ;)

...ran through a neighbor's sprinkler during an after-dinner walk.  It. Felt. Wonderful.

Happy Monday, everyone!  We had a productive weekend here, with a Saturday of sorting (or better known as "moving a pile from one room to another"), and a Sunday of some much-needed relaxing.  I enjoyed some alone time during a quick trip to Target, and Beau got lots of use out of his Big Green Egg (he's a happier man when that smoker's on).  It was also a weekend of some introspection as I have a lot on my mind this afternoon and am not exactly sure where to start with it all.  Thanks to church, some husband and wife Saturday night chatter, and this here blogosphere, my mind's been racing and I think I've started about fifty blog posts in my head since yesterday at noon.  Unfortunately, my mind is deep in 'summer,' and I'm having a hard time putting my fragments into anything of substance.  Right now, I'm traveling somewhere through Genesis, sunsets, our old duplex, and one major poop Cruz had this morning --- how's that for a brainstormed list of writing topics, Mrs. J?! 

Praying I can beat this writer's block soon and let this mind go back to hammock naps and ice cream cones until August...   

Until then...