Getting Skinny

Let's talk about skinny jeans. They are clearly a huge fad right now, and I adore all the bright colors. I'm sure by now you can clearly tell that I never buy clothes brand new, so I have been waiting and waiting and waiting patiently to find a pair in a thrift store. Now that I finally have found some purple jeans I am scouring pinterest and different blogs to get more ideas for wearing them. 

I adore these jeans on Kate Middleton. I'm not going to lie... I have a huge crush on her. I like the athletic way she styled these jeans. It's a nice change from the heels that many people wear with them. It's like an "I'm-a-duchess-but-that-doesn't-mean-I-can't-play-tennis-it-just-means-I'm-going-to-look-like-a-million-bucks-while-I-do-and-no-I-don't-sweat" look.  

Blue, green, green. I adore the mint colored jeans in the middle picture.
Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba, Ali Laundry
 I have seen red jeans everywhere, it seems. This picture is perfect because it has Meredith Grey in it. :) [I just may be an addict of Grey's Anatomy... We are on season 8 of watching it! I'm going to be heartbroken when I have to wait for new episodes to come out. What are some of your favorite shows?]
Ellen Pompeo, Olivia Munn, Shenae Grimes
 Coral jeans. Perfection.

 Purple skinnies. I love the brightly colored scarf with these pants.
Minka Kelly
I am now suitably inspired to wear my purple skinny jeans more. Maybe I will even take pictures for the blog. :) Wanna know something ironic? My husband is an amazing photographer, yet I always update the blog while he's at work and end up taking sad, blurry, myspace-style photos. Pitiful. Maybe, just maybe, I'll break out the Nikon.

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