Floral and Print Copycat

It's Friday, Friday, Friday. Which is exciting. Not because I have the weekend off work, seeing as I'm still currently unemployed, so every day is like a Friday to me. But it's exciting because one of our college friends from Texas is going to visit for the weekend. Great, right? 

For today's copycat I found some leggings and boots pictures, but then I realized it's 83 degrees outside, so maybe something cooler would be better. Plus, I live in Chicago. There will be plenty of time for boots and leggings. Who am I kidding. 

Here is my inspiration:

Here's my take on it. Clearly I don't own a pair of leopard skin booties (seriously?), so I substituted black striped flats. Zebra, cheetah, Potato, potahto. whatever.

Outfit Details:
Shirt-- Target $8
Shorts-- Bealls $5ish, I think
Shoes-- Payless $4
Cardigan-- Goodwill $3
Total cost: $20

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