DIY Striped Shirt

After my purple skinny jeans victory, I had to wear my new pants to the fourth of July party Chase and I went to. I really wanted to wear stripes, because seriously, who doesn't love stripes? However, I only have one striped tank top, and I wasn't crazy about it. So, I decided to create my own. :) 

The supplies I used were masking tape, a decently sized paint brush, and some white paint. I do not own any fabric paint, but if I had planned this project more than thirty minutes before we left for the party, I probably would have used fabric paint instead of regular paint. I'm not certain how the shirt will hold up in the washer and dryer, but strangely I don't even care (moral of the story, if you have fabric paint, use it; if not, use whatever the heck you feel like using).

I taped off the shirt with uneven stripes, so there wasn't pressure to measure all of the lines out. Try to make the shirt as flat as possible so there are not wrinkles underneath the tape. I painted the shirt and let it dry.

And I think it turned out pretty decently! I feel like I will end up wearing this shirt every day. Maybe I should be concerned about its status in the washer and dryer... 

Pardon the awkward MySpace pictures. I have a difficult time photographing my outfits, clearly. 

I wish I could photograph the perfect outfit in the perfect location, like this model.
She's all like, 
"Oh yes, I get dressed up every day and happen to have a field across the street from my house. That's right, directly across the street! Furthermore, I can't help my perfect hair, and oh! does this dress really match the hue of the vegetation perfectly? Oh my, sometimes I'm so photogenically wonderful it makes me sick. Ah well, at least you budding fashion bloggers have an example to follow. Keep working at it, children."

And I'm like, barf, I will keep MySpace photos. :)

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