Coral Jeans Refashion

Remember the skinny jeans post a few days ago? Right after I wrote that post, I went to Salvation Army to look for some final apartment stuff. I was walking through the clothes, and in the little girls' section, I found a pair of coral jeans on the rack. They were not terribly cute, because they had a wide leg and a weird snap at the bottom of the leg. But they fit me, and I was sure I could make them cute. How embarrassing is it that I can wear a girls size 14? The pants cost $1.25, so I sacrificed my dreams of wearing adult sized clothes and bought them.

These pants looked like they had been wadded in the bottom of a closet for the past six months, but I knew my love could change them!

Here's another very blurry "before" picture.

 They fit really well in the bootie and hips, which is great. That's the only part of pants that I have a really difficult time altering.

But the ends of these pants are weirdo. I don't know any self-respecting 14 year old girl who would wear these as they are. I guess that's why they had been wadded in the closet...

The first thing I did was cut the cuff at the bottom off. Then I tapered in the legs to make them skinny.Clearly you can see that I struggle to sew in a straight line. I'm more of the "doitnowandthinkaboutitlater" type of girl. After I made them almost as skinny as they needed to be, I did go back and measure and even them out. So... you should probably just measure to begin with. I started the taper a little above the knee and went to the bottom of the leg.
 Fold the fabric under twice, pin it, and hem it.

And the refashion is complete! I feel just like Kate Middleton.
Aw, little Harper is in the corner of this picture. 

This was definitely a huge improvement. :) I'm proud of my girl-pants-turned-fashionable-skinnies. I'm not going to lie, after I washed them I have been wearing them almost every single day. Which I guess has only been three days... but they're great! I fully believe that if you're willing to take the risk of altering clothes, you can buy anything from a thrift store and change it into something wonderful. I honestly cannot remember the last time I bought something brand-new. People always ask me how I think up creative stuff, and the answer is, I'm cheap. And I hate spending money. So I have to figure out a way to make pastel skinny-jeans for a little over a dollar. And I love it!