Coral CopyCat

Pinterest is one of my favorite things in the whole world. But even with all of the fashion inspiration, I still rarely incorporate those ideas into my real-life-clothing choices. So every Friday is now going to be a CopyCat day. Here's my inspiration and my copy:

 Outfit details: 
Coral Jeans (refashion $1.25)
Belt (Salvation Army $1)
Shirt (Kohls?)
Heels (Salvation Army $3.99)
Necklace (Costa Rica $4?)

Total Cost: $10.24

 Okay, now I'm being real with you. I would not wear platform heels with skinny jeans. Unless my fashion keeps expanding more, which I'm sure eventually it will, but honestly, I would be embarrassed to wear heels on a normal day. (What's even more embarrassing is that I have to use spell-check every time I write the word "embarrassed". And I was an English minor!) Everybody knows those girls who try way too hard, right? My fear is turning into one of them.

Here is an outfit I would actually wear.

Aren't my husband's photography skills disgustingly good? He's great.

Outfit Details: 
Shoes (Salvation Army $1)
Belt (Chick-fil-a uniform, haha)
Shirt (Chase's too-small v-neck refashioned)

I hope you guys have a great Friday evening! Linking up with the following wonderful blogs.