Blogging Sunday 3--Word Verification

Today's blogging tip is a pretty simple tip. Comment verification. I had this enabled on my blog for several months after I started blogging, and then I realized how annoying it is to squint at the tiny, run-together letters, so I took it off. So far, nobody has sent any spam comments. A person sent a link in a comment, and blogger automatically put it in the spam folder and didn't publish it, so I think blogger is actually very adept at filtering out the spam, even without the comment verification.

Here's how to take it off. If you so choose. :)

 Go to the design tab and click on "settings", then "posts and comments".

On the tab where it says "Show word verification", change the tab to "No".

Celebrate a little bit. But not too much. You still have to click "save changes", so go ahead and do that. Pretty easy, right? Your blogging audience will appreciate it. :)