Aeropostale Sweatshirt Redo

I have had this sweatshirt in my closet for awhile, but haven't worn it often. It's a little bit too big, and I'm not a huge, huge fan of Aeropostale. However, I adore white sweatshirts, so I was excited to figure out a way to redo it.

The first thing I did is cut the sleeves off to make them shorter.

The pocket went next...

I tried on the shirt and realized that I was a little over-zealous with cutting the sleeves shorter. So I opened the sleeves up, ironed them flat, and lined them with a black t-shirt material I had on hand.

I sewed the sleeve back up and tried to turn it right side out and realized I sewed it incorrectly. Awesome, MaryBeth. I cut the seam off because I'm too lazy cool to use a seam ripper and re-sewed the sleeve correctly this time.

Do you recognize this fabric? I used it on a chair reupholster and had a lot left over. I laid the fabric on top and pinned it into place, then turned the shirt inside out and sewed along the front seams.

I trimmed the excess fabric off the side and re-attached the pocket.

An added bonus of the new sweatshirt is that it's SO warm. It feels like I'm wearing a sweater and a sweatshirt. Which I kind of am...