What I Ate Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! It's "What I Ate Wednesday" time again, and today you can find lots of snacks, a sneaky chocolate cake, and one funny Avery in my post.

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Here's Avery and I's gluten-free, vegan food for the day...

5:00 AM: Warm water with the juice
from half a lemon.

5:20 AM Pre-workout snack: Sausage McMuffin
(aka Food for Life Gluten-Free English Muffin,
with a Sol Veggie Breakfast Patty and some maple agave nectar.)

Workout: 1 hour on the treadmill, running intervals: run 2 minutes, walk 2 minutes. Something about being on summer vacation always makes me a little less motivated to want to run on the treadmill. I dilly dally around the house, procrastinating my workout. But once I finally get down there, get my music on, and start running it always feels SO good. By the end of the workout, I'm flying high and feeling good; a little sore, but good.  Anyone else feel the same?

Around 8:00, Avery joined me for breakfast.  Her breakfast included
 organic strawberries and blueberries from our local Farmer's Market.

She ate the strawberries right up and wouldn't touch the
blueberries! Eventually she threw them all on the floor,
and then I had her help me pick them up.
(It must stink to have a mom that's a teacher!) 

I figured she had no interest in the blueberries, but look later in this post to see how someone changes her mind! ( ;

8:30 AM Breakfast: Chocolate Ice Cream Smoothie
Chia seeds, hemp seeds, raw cacao powder, rice milk,
2 frozen bananas, 5 frozen strawberries

Then we played with our furry dog Jilly, or "diddy" as Avery
calls her as she runs up to kiss her.

10:00 AM First Morning Snack: Peanut Butter Cookie

11:00 AM 2nd Morning Snack: Rudi's Multigrain gluten-free
toast with organic strawberry spread and Earth Balance vegan butter.

12:30 PM Lunch: SoLVeggie Burger with my Vegan BBQ Baked Beans
and Alexia Crinkle Cut Sweet Potato Fries
seasoned with Salt & Pepper.

Someone has a little baked bean and ketchup mustache
going on... 

The fries were her favorite part this time.

My other dog, Jackson, was eager for food to be dropped...
and you can bet Avery didn't disappoint!

1:30PM: "Green Juice" (apple juice + green powder)
Back during the school year, I always seemed to have an "energy slump" in the late afternoon on my way home, but now it's moved up to the early afternoon. Probably my 5 AM wake up time, kicking me in the tail. So to help keep me going (and chasing after Avery) I've been loving drinking my "green juice" shown above. It seems to help give me that little boost I need to keep my energy up. That and a nap too, but I've yet to stay consistent with that routine.

2:30 1st Afternoon snack: Almond Dream Strawberry Yogurt

4:00 PM Afternoon Snack #2: Way Better Simply Sprouted
Sweet Chili Tortilla Chips (taste like Doritos but healthy)

5:00 PM: "Chocolate Vanilla Smoothie": vanilla
coconut milk, Chocolate Sun Warrior Rice Protein Powder,
spinach, 1 1/2 frozen bananas, 3 frozen strawberries

6:00 PM Pre-Dinner Snack: "Berry Bowl" with organic
strawberries and blueberries sweetened with a little xylitol,
a plant-based sweetener.

Remember how Avery didn't like the blueberries before? Well, Daddy's home now, and look how her view has changed...

"What Dad? Blueberries?"

"I'll help myself."

"Blueberries are delicious!"

To say she's a "Daddy's Girl" is an understatement! ( :

7:00 Dinner: "Oven Roasted Veggies & Penne Pasta" from
the blog The Way...with mushrooms, tomatoes, zucchini,
green peppers, and chickpeas all mixed up with a marinara sauce
and gluten-free noodles. Delicious! What a hearty, filling,
and yummy meal. Thanks for sharing Elle!

Avery went to town on the noodles and veggies....

And then enjoyed Daddy cracking her up.

Doing her signature "touchdown move" (I think she does this
when she likes a meal-he he!).

Now onto dessert...ready for an amazing chocolate cake?  Looks delicious doesn't it?

Can you guess the secret healthy ingredient?


Can you believe that? I would have never guessed it if I didn't make it myself! Thanks to the inventive Chocolate-Covered Katie, I discovred this "Crazy Ingredient Chocolate Cake" and I've been sharing it with all my family and friends to try and have them guess the secret ingredient.  On top of containing 2 heaping cups of cauliflower, it's also gluten-free (I use Bob's Red Mill Gluten-Free All Purpose Flour), mostly sugar-free (I sweetened it with xylitol), and vegan (you use ener-g egg replacer). 

You've got to give this recipe a try! I bet you'll love it and won't even be able to taste the cauliflower.  By the way, my cake was topped with the same "Healthy Frosting" mentioned in that recipe, only mine ended up a little thinner than her's did, thanks to a rice milk mis-calculation...still tasted great though! Avery agreed and she got several bites of my cake, why not right? It's got cauliflower in it!

The dessert fun continued when Brandon brought out his dessert: a smoothie. Although it was a simple smoothie, with just frozen strawberries, frozen bananas, and chocolate coconut milk it sure caught Avery's eye. When she saw him walking towards her she yelled, "Whoa!" and immediately ran over to him and started saying, "More! More! More!" before she had even tasted it. Once she did get a bite, she looked at me and said, "Buh-bye!" as if to say, "I'm done with you and you're chocolate cake! It's smoothie time." That girl sure knows how to make us laugh.

Here she is in "smoothie heaven" with her Dad. Love that
laid back look.

"I like a little stretching with my smoothie,
thank you very much."

"Okay guys, time for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!"

See you all next week!