Many folks right now want to go green and in the following paragraphs will be looking at some steps you can take

Energy efficiency is green and saves you money
by Jim Timothys

More and more people every single year want to start living a green life nevertheless they don't know where to begin. One of the main reasons individuals want to begin being environmentally friendly is because of the harm caused to our planet every year. If you're one of the folks who want to try and help our environment by living green below you are going to find some suggestions that will help.

The first thing you should do is to bear in mind that there are many things which should not be thrown in the garbage and they should be recycled. Every year landfills continue to pollute our earth increasingly more with things that should not be thrown into the landfills are winding up there anyway. You must keep in mind that things that can be recycled will actually help lessen the amount of natural resources we use each year, not to mention that it will keep these items out of our landfills. By ensuring you are recycling all of your cans and bottles, these things will stay out of our landfills, and will also reduce the need to dig more out of the earth.

Per the EPA, the national recycling rate is just 30%. Increasing recycling in the US to 60% could save the equivalent of 315 million barrels of oil per year.

Another thing you might want to start thinking about doing is buying yourself an environmentally friendly car. While a fully electric car would be a good option, picking a hybrid that operates on gas and electric is still a viable option. Regular vehicles create plenty of pollution but a hybrid car will produce much less and will also wind up saving you cash on your gas costs.

An additional way you can end up saving money and protecting our natural resources is by spending in solar panels. This is just yet another way you can wind up saving cash in the long run and also help protect our world. The great thing about solar energy panels is that they are able to either be placed on your roof or in your yard, which means everybody has room for them. Obviously the best placement for your solar energy panels is on your roof as it is going to usually wind up catching more of the sun's rays. For people choose wind turbines, because they take up such little space they're able to fit and pretty much any size yard.

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Planting trees all through your yard is yet another thing that you can do to help our world. If you have a yard full of trees your home should be getting plenty of shade which in turn will cut down on the costs of cooling your house in the summer. And naturally you need to recognize that these trees also generate oxygen, which is essential for just about every living thing on this planet.

Plant trees that are native to your area.

The suggestions above will just be the start for many men and women inside their attempt to start living a greener life. For those of you who have to do more of than what we have listed here, you will find many more ideas by simply doing searches online. All of the little things that you end up doing to help the planet will add up to make a major difference.

Show the earth some love.

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