I did it!

...made it through the most challenging, stressful, and frustrating semester of my professional career.  Summer break has never felt so needed and so deserved!

....managed to blog every single day during the month of May.  This was a 101 in 1001 challenge, and quite the challenge given the busyness of the month.  But, I had a lot to blog about and knew it would be rewarding if I did it.  31 blog posts in 31 days!

...crossed off a major summer bucket list item today.  I painted Cruz's new 'big boy' room upstairs.  Since he's outgrowing that crib of his by the minute, it's time we give our little man a new space to call his own.  It's true I'm also itching for a new project and have lots in store for his new little nook.  We have two bedrooms upstairs and it's a shame they're not used more.  They are both a great size, with cute dormers, built in bookshelves, and lots of natural light.  I plan to work on it little by little, but it was a miracle I found a paint I liked on the first try.  I'll share more pictures soon, but am pretty proud of accomplishment on my first day of summer break!

...got a pedicure.  I rewarded myself after a morning of painting with an hour at the nail salon.  A cookie crumble frappuccino from Starbucks, a Real Simple from two months ago, and ten French tips is the perfect kick-off to summer. 

The beginning of June always starts with lots to celebrate at the Jorgensen's.  Tomorrow, Beau and I will celebrate FIVE years of wedded bliss, and EIGHT years of dating.  We were married June 2nd, 2007 and went on our very first date June 2nd, 2004 (pretty convenient, eh?).  And since the two of us are jetting off to the Gulf Coast on Wednesday, we're looking forward to celebrating our anniversary with Cruz tomorrow.  

Monday is Beau's birthday, and Wednesday we leave for Mexico!  It's sure to be a whirlwind from now until we get on that plane, but I'm trying to stay present in the busyness!  Lots to celebrate, and lots of fun to come in June :)