DIY Garden Labels

Our garden project has already brought this family so much joy - whether it's weeding, watering, or eventually, tasting, it's been very fun to work at it together, watch it grow, and take pride in it's early success.  All of our plants are doing well in the ground thus far, and at times, I swear you can watch the tomato plants grow!  Last night, we made a fresh pesto sauce for our steaks with some of our mint and basil, and I have plans to do some experimenting with lavender when we get back from our trip.  If you have ideas, I'd love to hear 'em!

Last weekend (and thanks to Pinterest), I turned our excessive collection of wine corks into garden labels for our different plants and herbs.  They were simple, inexpensive, and fun to create, and I think they add so much to our garden space.

Here's the break down for DIY Wine-Inspired Cork Garden Labels:

What you need:
-wine corks (preferably used, unique, and even tattered, as the character gives each and every one their own story and charm)
-sharpies (I started with fine tip, but the fat tipped one actually worked the best)
-aluminum tire wire ($2.95 for 30 @ Home Depot) 

Just write your labels on each cork (I practiced with my least favorite labels first), stick 'em on a piece of wire, straighten your wire, and place them imperfectly throughout your garden bed.   

Any other gardening decor, tips, or fun you'd like to share?!  I'd love to hear or see your ideas :)