9 Best Wedding Photography Tips For Brides and Grooms

by Fernando Castillo

Sample Shot List
You could imagine what the secret of fabulous wedding photos is. Well, having the perfect timing and creativeness can make it all practical. Capturing wedding photos which will add to the bride's collection of memories is very important especially on her big day. Wether you or a professional wedding cameraman is taking these stills, there are one or two wedding photography tips and tricks that may augment the quality and memorability of your photos. Here is a short list of a few of the best wedding photography tips which came from some of the most professional wedding photographers. Following them will surely help you.

1. Make a shot list

One of the most helpful tips is asking the couple ahead of time what shots they wish to capture on their big day. Asking them will give a clue the right way to make their memorabilia an ideal one. Always remember that every person has his or her own preference of the word "perfect."

2. Wedding photography and family photo coordinator

Much of the time, capturing the group picture is intense if it lacks of family coordination. As a cameraman, you have got the right to ask the couple to designate someone from each family to be the director or someone that can organise each family member when it's time for the group picture. Having somebody that will help you to round up everyone is exceedingly important for you to focus on capturing the perfect moments.

Black and White
3. Scout the site of the marriage

Visiting the location before the day will assist you in identifying the perfect position to take photos. Additionally , getting yourself familiar of the light direction will give you a clue where not to shoot.

4. Preparation is the key

There are many unforeseen things that might happen during the couple's important day. That is why as a shutter-bug, you want to anticipate for things to happen. Always have a plan before making any action. Always test your clobber and have an additional battery and a memory storage. Those things will aid you in staying on top of everything when the big day arrives. You wish to make it as nice and smooth for the recently weds.

5. Always set an expectancy with the couple

You will show them your prior capture and see what the things they would like to achieve when referring to their shots. You must also involve them in every decision you're going to make. Remember, it is their event and not yours so it is important to grasp the precise things the couple wants.

6. Mute the camera

It's not nice when the beeps of the camera interrupt the kissing scene or speeches.

Shot of Rings
7. Shoot small details

Image backs of dresses, rings, table settings, shoes, flowers and menus including those things that will give an extra dimension at the end part of the album.

8. Use 2 cameras

It is good that you bring 2 cameras during the event. Set them up using different lenses. There are instances that using different lenses will give you an improved chance to capture the emotions of the people at the event even you are at a distance.Consider having a second photographer. Having someone who will help you is a good plan. You and your assistant may work together at the exact same time to make everything easier and this will give you a chance to capture those memorable and sudden scenes.

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