Wordless Wednesday

Love me some black and whites...

I wonder if Cruz ever gets sick of having his cheeks smooched?  They're the most kissable cheeks ever - I think I kiss them 25 times a day ;) 

Since I have lists for just about anything anyway, I thought it'd be fun to take part in a mini-bucket list for Memorial Day weekend, ala Kelle Hampton's, Enjoying the Small Things blog.   With an incredibly busy weekend of 'places to be, people to see' last weekend, I'm looking forward to a easy going long weekend at home for the unofficial kick-off to sweet summertime...

1.  Try out my new Zoku with something colorful and fruity.
2.  Make some DIY labels with wine corks for our garden.
3.  Do some much needed loads of laundry 
4.  Have a barbecue with important summertime essentials (something smoked, something salad, something icy, cold, and refreshing)
5.  Make a masterpiece with sidewalk chalk
6.  Organize Cruz's first 'red' week
7.  Sit on the deck with Beau, play cribbage, and talk about life, love, and dreams.
8.  Decide on a paint color for Cruz Man's new room.  
9.  Clean the kitchen
10. Decide on what dresses to bring to Mexico.  I currently have to narrow about 12 down to 4...the rest are going back to the store!

What's on your mini-bucket list for the weekend?  I'd love to hear your plans :)