Thee Perfect Margarita

This is totally worth sharing.  Last weekend, we celebrated Cinco de Mayo with Beau's family, three sombreros, and one (or two) pitchers of the best margarita ever.  And the best thing about this lovely little drink?  No need for a blender.  I'm typically not a fan of lime margaritas on the rocks, and usually prefer my margs frozen, but this thing is worth trying.  And the secret ingredient?  One Corona, two Corona...
Here's what you do...

1.  Find a pretty glass pitcher.
2.  Fill with the following ingredients...
    -One can frozen limeade
    -8-12 oz. of tequila (depending on how potent you want it)
    -2 cans (24 oz.) Sierra Mist
    -One Corona
3.  Mix together contents in pitcher.  Pour over ice and garnish with some lime wedges.  

You WON'T be disappointed!